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UnSanta Con

For decades St. Patrick’s Day ruled the ethnic holidays for least loved by New Yorkers. Puerto Rican Day ran a distant unrivaled second, until Santa.con was celebrated by drunken men in Santa outfits. At first the gatherings were small, but in 2012 30,000 Santas rampaged through New York and the people of that city learned […]

12:09PM Prosecco High Noon

My high school offered Typing 101. The class was taught by a woman. Every students were male. Xaverian-Westwood was all-boy. I was a math major. My foreign language was German. Typing 101 was for football players. Our team was State Champs. 9-0 in the Catholic Conference. I took Creative Writing instead of Typing 101. I […]

Killer Shine

A flatlander was driving down a road back in the hills when a hillbilly stepped out into the road and leveled his rifle at him. The flatlander stopped and the hillbilly motioned him out of the car. Then he handed the rube a jug and said, “Drink it.” The man tried to refuse but the […]

The Cost Of The F-35

Dying Solo Ala Pattaya

Back in 2007 a local Pattaya paper reported on a desolate death as follows; Residents of Nongprue municipality, near Pattaya, reported to the police that a man had sighed his last next to a wooden bench in a built-up area. Arriving at the scene, police found the corpse of Mr Jamreon Racha, aged 55 and […]