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A Long Twenty Minutes

Last night I was at the 169, drinking gin-tonics. After finishing my first I shouted to Dakota for a refill. The lanky Arizonan was serving a two-deep crowd, but took the time to come over and say, “You have to learn to wait your turn. You’re on a five-minute ban for service.” “Five minutes?” “Make […]

Hangover Ratings

Bastille Day is a French drinking holiday. The French word for hang-over is ‘gueule de bois’. In Thai it is ‘hang’. If I spoke to Caesar, I’d say that I was ‘crapula’ which is Latin for fucked up the day after, but no one put it better than Kingsley Amis, who once said, “I had […]

Drunker than Mud

Humans like their drink. They like it a lot. But not as much as polar bears. They love a cold beer or forty in the summer time.

El Phoenix Bar – Boston

My friend Jorge posted this photo and I thought ‘pink elephant’. Only one place had one and it was in Brighton, Mass. In college I drank in a Commonwealth Avenue establishment with a mural of a naked woman riding a pink elephant over the bar. THe El Phoenix Room offered draft ‘ganseets at 25 cents […]

HillBilly Ranch Bar Boston

As you get old you forget. as you get older, you are forgotten – anon I know that I didn’t come up with that quote, because I haven’t really forget everything yet and the other day I was reminiscing about Lost Boston with a few old-timers at the bar of Jacob Wirth’s. “Remember when they […]