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Hoegaarten Beer End of Summer

Written 2010 Beer is better than good in Belgium. Back in the 80s I drank in a bar behind the Gallerie des Reines. A small bar. No one of consequences frequented the back street bar. Seats for 10. Draft beer. Le Mort Subite and Hoegaarten. One great for winter. The other superb for summer. The […]

Made In The USA

Written Sep 11, 2012 It’s been eleven years since 9/11. Last night I erected my own Twin Towers. They cost $4. Made in the USA. Drank in NYC.

August 1, 1995 Watchic Pond Standish Maine – Journal Entry

My sister and the rest of the clan had deserted the camp to visit a nearby Aquapark, so I arrived on Watchic Pond and sat outside under the pines. My grandfather and his friends had dammed a stream to create the pond back in the 1920s. It always seemed part of my life. Two years […]


Written Sep 24, 2010 Midtown traffic was snarled by the security measures protecting foreign dignitaries from any harm during the annual UN General Assembly. Crosstown streets were closed east of 5th Avenue and the beeping tentacles of the congestion packed Madison Avenue. My bus took twenty minutes to cover ten blocks. I was late for […]

A BAR OF INFAMY by Peter Nolan Smith

Written 2007 Some bars’ names evoke grandeur; Harry’s in Venice, The Oak Bar in the Plaza, Raffles Long Bar in Singapore. Other bars elicit yawns from real drinkers; TGIF, Hooters, Harry Beans. Yet a few are notoriously renowned for their sleaze and mayhem, where most people’s fun ended where the fun of those those frequenting […]