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Half Full. Half Empty

Who cares if the glass is half full or half empty if a full glass is waiting in the future?

Songkran Driving

Nothing says Songkran better in Thailand than getting into an accident with a drunk, as revealed in this series of email dated from 2006. EMAIL from the Old Roue April 4 after I invited him to join me on a trip to Phnom Penh to escape the Songkran madness. His reply. No thanx, I’m driving […]


In 2007 I was losing my mind. The mother of my daughter has deserted me to live in the hicks or ‘bannok’. I had given up everything to move to Thailand and be a father. Angie’s mom was scared that I was planning to kidnap her. She was stupider than a bucket of mud. I […]

Man O Manischewitz by Peter Nolan Smith

Fort Greene is a friendly neighborhood. Unlike Manhattan Brooklynites say hello to each other. I usually smile a greeting, glad to be here in a ‘we’ world. This rainy afternoon I exited from the Fort Greene Observatory. It was an off day from my usual struggles to get cash, since I had worked the weekend […]

The Irish Are Coming

After a month visiting my family in Thailand I returned to New York in 2011. On March 17 I extended invitations to a drinking Craic around the Village for St. Patrick’s Day. “I’m back. Happy St. Patrick’s Day.” I announced at the 169 Bar. My good friend Jocko Weyland, skateboarder/urbanologist, begged off joining me with […]