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Man O Manischewitz 2012

In 2012 Fort Greene was a friendly neighborhood. People said hello to each other. I smiled greetings, glad to be here. It was a ‘we’ world, although I wished I was in Thailand with my family. Across the street an elderly Trinidadian woman collected beer cans and bottles for the deposit money. I gave Jinny […]

In Vino Madidus

Staying with Latin. Sitting at home with a bottle of wine. Non veritas Not true. Solo madidus In vino madidus Soaked in wine. A paraphrase of Julius Caesar’s classic ‘veni, vedi, vinci’ or ‘I came, I saw, I conquered.’ Veni, vedi, madidus means I came I drank I fell over. We’ve all been Classical Latin […]

A Quiet Place To Drink

Luis Bunuel wrote in LAST GASP “I also remember a bar at the Plaza Hotel in New York, a busy meeting place which at the time was off limits to women. Any friend of mine passing through New York knew that if he wanted to find me, he had only to go to the Plaza […]

December 15, 1978 – East Village – Journal

HillBilly Ranch Bar Boston – 1999

As you get old you forget. as you get older, you are forgotten – anon I know that I didn’t come up with that quote, because I haven’t really forget everything yet and several years ago I reminisced about Lost Boston with a few old-timers during an afternoon Jacob Wirth’s bar, while killing time waiting […]