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Five Degrees of Hangover

It’s football season in the USA and this Sunday Americans are following their teams. I’m in good shape. The Patriots are undefeated and the rest of the schedule is easy, but even those fans with losing teams have beers in the fridge and burgers on the grill with tequila shots at half-time and whiskey for […]

Oong Nuat – Thai Dive Bar

Dawn rises like a broken egg over Pattaya’s eastern horizon. Back in 2007 I lived in Pattaya. Most mornings 99.999% of the population were in bed, but at Oong Nuat the outdoor bar on Soi Bongkod specialized in music by Carabao and exotic Thai whiskey i.e. deadly lao khao , as the night surrendered to […]

Jimmy Durante’s Beer Mug

Andre the Giant was a huge man as anyone can tell from how small the beer can looks in his hand. The champion pro wrestler was also a monstrous drinker once downing 199 beers in a sitting. The American singer/pianist Jimmy Durante aka the Schnozzola also liked his beer. And he loved his wife, Mrs. […]

Bridge And Tunnel Oktoberfest

Last week the owner of the Old Danceteria extended an invitation to celebrate the Oktoberfest at the Zeppelin Hall in Jersey City. “Bring a friend. All the beer you can drink and bratwurst you can eat.” John had always been a gracious host and I decided to bring along Dirty Dave and Wasta Steve. “New […]

The God Of Beermas

Several years back one of the guards at the diamond exchange was drinking on the job. Joe had a Bud for breakfast. He drank another two on his coffee break. His lunch consisted of six beers. According to his calculation Joe consumed 15-16 beers during the course of a day. Finally his doctor advised Joe […]