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No More Beer For Lent

I’m an old atheist. Non-Belief runs in my family as strongly as the acceptance of the Divine. I was raised a Catholic. The Old Religion. My rejection of faith at the age of eight failed to deter my buying into the celebrations of the saints throughout the Church calendar; St. Brigid’s Day, St. Padraic’s Day, […]

Moonshine, Masturbation, and Eclipses By Peter Nolan Smith

Children are cruel by nature. Young boys and girls instinctively bully the weak and ridicule the infirm. There was nothing funnier than a cheap trick at the cost of a poor unfortunate in keeping with the ageless adage, “Comedy is when a beggar falls down the stairs. Tragedy is when a duchess does.” In the […]

General Tso’s Blizzard

Prior to Christmas of 2010 my younger sister insisted on my spending the holiday with her in Boston. She was worried about my head, since our beloved father had passed away in November and my wife and kids were on the other side of the world in Thailand. “I don’t want you to be alone.” […]

Gym Rats Versus Beermas

Back in the 80s Gold’s Gym had a ground floor gym off of Astor Place. Scores of fitness enthusiasts ran on treadmills and lifted weights visible to passers-by through large windows. My friend and I played basketball in Tompkins Square Park. 3 hours a day. Afterwards we like nothing better than to get our lawn […]

Thai New Year’s Traffic Festival

When I was young, the radio listed the national traffic death toll on the holidays. As a tribute to our nation’s patriotism America scored the highest fatalities on the 4th of July. New Year’s Eve and St. Patrick’s Day were never close. These announcements were designed to warn the public about the dangers of driving […]