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Four Days Gone No Work

NO work. Nothing to do. What choice in the world is there for a working man? Sleep at the 169.Four Days Gone No Work

New Year’s Traffic Death Festival 2019

The Thai Festival for the end of 2018 has come to an end. The police are are overwhelmed by the traffic, as milliions of Thais travel to the distant provinces to see their families. The holiday death toll reached over 400 with countless thousands injured in car and motorcycle accidents. Driving drunk is a norm. […]

AN XMAS EVE TALE by Peter Nolan Smith

Three years ago the holiday sales plummeted to near-zero in New York’s Diamond District 47th Street. The Greater Depression had robbed the middle-class of their imagined wealth and jewelry purchases had been sacrificed to pay mortgages and credit card bills. America as a nation continued to suffer from the banking debacle, the collapse of the […]

The Xmas Drunk

Last holiday season I had a great part-time job being invited to office parties as the Christmas Drunk. $500 an appearance and all I could drink. Bad behavior was a must. Insulting the boss was a showstopper. Punching out the hated brother-in-law was most requested extra. $100/punch. Insulting a wife’s obesity was a secret request […]

Beer On Mars

The European Space Agency aimed the Mars Express High Resolution Stereo Camera at the Red Planet’s North Pple and discovered a huge frozen lake in the Korolev crater. 82 kilometers wide and 2 kilometer deep of frozen H2O meaning that there will be beer on Mars. Some hopefuls have claimed that discarded beer cans have […]