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15 Ways to Know That You’re Old School South Shore

1.) You have dove off Shipwreck at the Quincy Quarries and lived to tell the tale without getting a car antenna in your arm. 2.) What about the SS Mayflower at Nantasket Beach? I had a head-on crash there in 1969. VW versus a Delta 88 was no contest, but my four passengers and I […]

Journal Entry December 27, 1977

After midnight I left Diana and hitchhiked to Milton. I refused two men wanting sex. I walked across the Blue Hills in the dead of night and arrived in my suburban neighborhood after 2am. Only my parents’ bedroom light shone on our street. I crept upstairs to my mother’s bedroom. My father was snoring hard […]

Journal Entry December 26, 1977

Christmas dinner at my parents in Milton has been very pleasant, although my youngest brother Michael, was dying to tell the family that he was gay. I whispered at the dining table, “Don’t do it now. Only Mom doesn’t know you’re gay.” “Dad does?” “He never said so much, but you’re sort of obvious only […]

Journal Entry – December 25, 1977

Dec. 25, Boston. Yesterday after dancing at the 1270 Kevin and I ate Monte Cristo sandwiches at Ken’s Steak House on Boylston Street. The nineteen year-old played bass for the Mumps and like most young people he had with more future and less of a past than me, but we talked freely about punk and […]

25 Ways You Know You’re From Boston When You….

# 1.) ….you name your son ‘Fenway’. 2.) ….you move to another city, but support the Red Sox, Celtics, Bruins, and Patriots, even after Tom Brady married a Victoria Secrets’ model, got hair plugs, and moved to Tampa Bay. 3 .) …you recognize that fried clams are only fried clams, if they have bellies and […]