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FIRST ENCOUNTER by Peter Nolan Smith

America was in a deep recession during the summer of 1974 and I had returned to Boston after a two-month hitchhiking trip across the USA to discover that banks and corporations weren’t hiring long-haired college graduates. I finally found work at the Shaba, an Israeli restaurant on Beacon Hill, as the cook. I had never […]

Frannie Fitzpatrick – A Man of Honor and Love

My good friend Fran Fitzpatrick has set off on a distant journey with the stars. Frannie was my family’s auto repair specialist. He knocked out dents and worst on our VW Beetles. I attended Boston College from 1970 to 1974. His brother Robert taught THE MYSTERIES OF THE HOLY EUCHARIST and at a family gathering […]

Miss You Long Time – Michael Charles Smith

In the summer of 1995 my baby brother succumbed to the ravages of AIDS. I miss him every day along with the rest of my friends and family who died from that killer. I will remember them forever. My brother’s name was Michael Charles Smith. He’s the smaller blonde boy in the photo. And still […]

Sly Stone At Franklin Park 1974

Sly and the Family Stone launched funky soul in the late 60s with the Godfather of Soul, James Brown, and Parliament-Funkadelic. The group hit mega-gold with their 4th LP, STAND and its # 1 hit EVERYDAY PEOPLE. Success was not a friend to Sly. His cocaine habit infected the other band members. He no-showed a […]

THE HOLE OF HEAVEN by Peter Nolan Smith

According to the Old Testament God banished Adam and Eve from Eden for eating the forbidden apple and this Original Sin exiled their descendants to this mortal coil, however humans have repeatedly defied this divine decree with attempts to recreate Heaven on Earth and in 1965 the teenagers of Boston’s South Shore made out at […]