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IRISH TWINS by Peter Nolan Smith

Dif Tor Heh Smusma

Leonard Nimoy came from Boston’s West End shtel. His Russian father owned a barbershop in Mattapan Square. I had my haircut at the Terminal Barber Shop next to the terminus of the trolley line. I can’t recall any other barber along Blue Hill Avenue. Tired of giving us a buzz-cut my father drove my older […]

No Summer Yet In Boston

I left Boston in the autumn of 1976 for New York. I was in love with a girl from North Carolina. She departed from Brooklyn three hours before I arrived in a stolen car. I should have returned back home, except Jim Spicer, Cecil Taylor’s manager, offered e a bedroom in Park Slope and I […]

The Curse No More

The Boston Red Sox finally killed the Babe Ruth Curse by miraculously coming back from three games down in the 2004 ALCS finals against their dreaded nemesis, the New York Yankees. Heroic performances by pitcher Curt Shilling and power hitter David Ortiz shall live in the memories of the Red Sox Nation throughout this century. […]

Snow Day For Boston

More snow fell on Boston. The accumulation for the month has been over 70 inches. Another storm has Beantown in its sights for tomorrow. The Mayor has closed the T. The trains travel in the open air. The Air will be filled with snow. Trains an especially old trolleys hate the snow. School will shut […]