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THE MAGUS by John Fowles

Everyone is planning summer holidays. People ask me where to go, since I have been many places. Camille from the diamond exchange was wavering between Morocco and Turkey. I had been to neither, but heard Morocco was a hassle and Istanbul was a gem on the Bosphorus. “Thanks for the info.” Camilli was the queen […]

NO LAST NAMES by Joan Ellis

I love the cover of this book. A room with a view. 42nd Street or the Barbary Coast in San Francisco. Nothing like the Fortune Club or Lucky’s Bar exist anymore. The author of these books was Julie Ellis. She churned out hundreds of pulp sleaze, supposedly one a week. Acording to a website […]


Several years ago I went to a Nan Goldin show at the Whitney Museum with a Park Avenue divorcee. Claudia came from a good Philadelphia famiily and the black and white photos were a shock to her upper-class sensibilities. “These people look so tragic.” Her assessment of Nan Goldin’s subjects was true, but I knew […]

Page 45

A friend of mine wrote that if you pick up the book closest to you and open to page 45, then the first line will describe your life. I think this type of shit is nonsense, however the Taschen John Lennon book was at hand and I opened the paperback to page 45. “Foreign-made pornographic […]

Late Summer Reading List

PRETTY MAN OVEREXPOSED LUST CAN’T HIDE We have entered August. Summer has a month to run. This Sunday people are relaxing at the beach with book in their hands. Mostly best sellers, but I prefer LUST CAN’T HIDE, OVER-EXPOSED, and the PRETTY MAN, for nothing gets a conversation started faster than reading pulp fiction amongst […]