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THE BIGGEST BEAR was published in 1952. The illustrated children’s book lovingly described the story of a young boy befriending an orphan bear in the Maine woods. Johnny Orchard’s bear grew to an epic size and ate everything in sight. Faced with the choice of killing his friend Johnny Orchard’s bear is saved by a […]


Music sucks in Pattaya. Old farangs sing HOTEL CALIFORNIA and bar girls dance to boy band love ballads, while Thai bands play dinosaur rock for drunken tourists. Nothing’s wrong with a bad reprise of SMOKE ON THE WATER, except I once hung out in nightclubs and bars in which music meant more than a tune […]

Death By Gravity

Two days ago a LA man in his 60s was killed by the toppling of his basement refrigerator. To paraphrase the last line from KING KONG; “It was not beer that killed the man, but the beauty of beer.”

Dead Fish Auction

In the winter of 1969 a foul storm blew an unknown sea creature onto Duxbury Beach south of Boston. The WBZ radio announcer reported it to be a ‘sea monster’. My brother, sister, and I jumped into our VW and drove through a hard rain to a forlorn stretch of beach. A crowd was gathered […]

Flying Sharks

Steven Spielberg’s JAWS came out in 1975. I saw the film in Gloucester with my good friend Andy Kornfeld. The next day we went to GoodHarbor Beach. Families were playing in the sand. No one was in the sea. Andy and I tested it with our toes. The water temperature was perfect. We both laid […]