New England Patriots 16-0 Donovan’s Sports Bar Pattaya

Sophon doesn’t carry ESPN and Thai TV was breaking from early morning soaps to broadcast the Patriots-Giants final game of the year, so I rode my scooter to Donovan’s Sports Bar on 3rd Road, where I had watched the Red Sox win the World Series in October.


Me and a tired Thai waitress.

The entire Red Sox Nation of Pattaya minus my daughter.

It was a little different the Patriots challenge to the 1972 Miami Dolphins’ perfect season, every stool at the bar was taken by a over-50 man nursing a glass of soda water.

I knew the feeling well.

Listless, pounding headache, thick tongue.

Layman’s diagnosis.

Hung-over, but not me.

I had remained home the previous evening, since Pattaya is about 15% over capacity this high season and sitting in most bars is strictly economy class.

So I was sober and might have remained in that condition, except the game was really a game with the Giants threatening to ruin the Patriots’ shot at a perfect season. After the half I ordered a beer, then another and another and another and another, transforming me into a fist-pumping rabid fan for New England.

The owner Steve had a beer and ordered a #1 pizza.

Man, was it good after three beers.

Anchovies, pepperoni, mushrooms, and cheese.

38-35, five beers, pizza, and not even noon.

Drunk and I went home to sleep it off.

A perfect Sunday morning like Johnny Cash’s SUNDAY MORNING COMING DOWN.

“Well, I woke up Sunday morning with no way to hold my head that didn’t hurt.”

Upon my return home I flopped onto the bed and crashed with the grace of a hypo-shot hippo. 3 hours later I opened my eyes. My head the density of wet wood.

My wife smiled and said, “Som num nah.”

Thais like telling you ‘serves you right’ so I repeated the words.

“On a Sunday morning sidewalk wishing I was stoned.”

Sing it Johnny and I’ll be at Donovan’s for the next Patriots game.

Pizza beer and football.

Donovan’s Sports Bar 394 3rd road across from E-zyte Disco.

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