Barbie Dolls of Pittsburgh

The quarterback of the Pittsburgh Steelers was compromised by an incident in a rural Georgia bathroom, where he aggressed a 20 year-old female in the bathroom. The NFL reacted to the allegations of sexual misadventure with a 6-game suspension of the 28 year-old star. Ben Roethlisberger earns 2 million a year for the Steelers and the question has to be asked, “What was this stupid motherfucker thinking?”

The Press loves to put ‘alleged’ before every article to protect themselves from libel, but as a man who has had sex in the bathroom more than once I can truthfully say that Ben Roethlisberger is more guilty than a Boston priest of child molestation and the NFL has weakly responded with a 6-game suspension.

Bad boy.

Slap on the wrist.

But not too hard on his passing arm.

ps the cheerleader is from the Cincinnati Bengals.

I like her stance.

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