God’s Army So What

Last week a couple of dozen SUVs and pickups departed from Virginia for Texas to protest against the relentless waves of migrants overwhelming the southern borders.

Their numbers have grown to a few hundred for a gathering of God’s Army in the small Rio Grande town of Quemado -population 162- were the words “Join the God Fight.”

Yahoo News reported this rally, as if their God in a muumuu, barbed wire, higher walls, and pushing migrants back into the river might solve this border crisis, however as usual no media ever address the causes for Venezualans, Senegalese or other nationalities fleeing their birth countries. The Endless War, and oppressive governments funded by corruption and drug money.

My Clinton Hill neighborhood has been hastily populated Senegalese men and Venezuelan families. The Africans left behind their families in hopes of feeding impoverished families, while Venezuelan economy has collapsed under US Sanctions against the inept Socialist government. There is no hope for their homelands, as the USA once more broadens the Wars on Terror and Drugs. No one leaves their homes without a reason. Not to come to the Land of the Freaked, knowing God’s Army is waiting to persecute them.

According to Yahoo News conservative activists, including a group calling itself “We the People” — the first words in the preamble to the US Constitution — met to make their anger over immigration known, rallying under the slogan “Take our border back.”

Earlier in the week “God’s Army,” massed five hundred people in Dripping Springs, Texas with rocker Ted Nugent and Sara Palin speaking to the gathering, which for Dripping Springs, a rural Hill Country town of 4000 souls, was like Woodstock. Five hundred people is four times the population of Quemado, but at least they are American vagrants headed to the West with San Ysidro their final destination. Praying every mile to a myth. By the way I’m an atheist, but walk out the door with food and dollar bills to help the refugees on Clinton Hill and many of us do the same, but the flood will not stop until America calls a truce on the world.

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