A poem
To save us all
We are us

We are the road
We are the cities
The town
The villages
The nowheres
We are the World
And beyond. We are a movement
We do not sign petition
We do not support capitalism
Our dreams
Life liberty and the pursuit of happiness

This time for everyone.
We reject ‘Who wants to be Millionaire?”
We accept dollars
We reject debt.
We believe in a global jubilee.

International Write Off Day

The capitalists control the world through our debt and our consumerism.
We own nothing of value
Not gold
Not Picassos
Only expensive sneakers cellphones and clothing manufactured by slave labor. We are all slaves
until we free ourselves from their chains.

We are us.
Our color is the red of our blood.
Our country this world
Our future the stars.

Before we were all alone
Before we had no friends
Before we slept without dreams
We are not woke
We are Awake.

We have been to Occupy Wall Street
Black Lives Matter
Standing Rock
Occupy City Hall
And a thousands marches and protest

We are not alone

Together one plus one equals millions and then billions.

Put down your phones
See instead of look
Hear instead of listen
Touch instead of feel
Put down your phones

This Movement
The Revolution

We are coming for your children
someone has to save them.


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