Lucky’s Night 1955

Lost another job today

And my empty pockets don’t help

Can’t say the future’s mine

But the past wasn’t mine too.

So as always I’ll live on account

Jamie was there the night I rolled 300

And all she managed to say,

“It musta been fixed.”

Leaving me all alone.

So I took the prize

The chance to lie between the thighs

Of the youngest waitress at the bowling alley bar.

Doreen left at dawn

Taking all my winnings

I walked to my home.

Jamie had wrote a note

She and the kids were Laredo bound

I don’t know what is in that town.

Now beer cans litter my bed sheets

I have enough change for a six pack of Lone Star beer

No home

No family

No money

And no friends answering the phone

So I’ll do what I’ve always done

I’ll roll another 300.

Lucky has to come my way again.

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