GOP Failure Election 2022

On Aug. 8, 1925 tens of thousands of white-robed KKK marched down Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington to exhobit their strength.

Almost a hundred years later on January 6, 2021 thousands of right-wing fascists heeded Trump’s call to violently storm the Capitol Building and prevent Joe Biden’s from becoming president and since that insurrection the Fascists have condemned the 2020 election as theft and the right-wing mainstream media predicted a landslide victory for the Orange Jesus. CNN and Fox News foresaw the GOP taking control of the Senate and the Congress, as Trump feuded with his upstart rival from Florida. They were just trying to sell air-time, because the Democrats retained control of the Senate and Congress only slipped out of the grasp of the Democrats, because of redistricting and vote suppression, but also because of the core issue of abortion and that fact that the nation is weary of the constant hatred promoted by Trump’s fringe maniacs. Some people even imagined a holiday season where people aren’t shouting at each other, because of politics, but long unaddressed family issues.

Like the film director Michael Moore I thought the election’s results would un in our favor, despite the DNC’s propensity to appease the rich instead of seeking help from the progressive wing of the party. Bernie Sanders was brought out of the closet to energize the young and next election progressives will demand more influence on a platform to change the way we live.

No more Old Guys.

Especially no Old White Guys.


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