Corporate Drug Dealers Scot Free

According to Al_Jazeera a US federal judge in Cleveland awarded $650m in damages Wednesday to two Ohio counties that won a landmark lawsuit against national pharmacy chains CVS, Walgreens and Walmart. Lake County is to receive $306m over 15 years. Trumbull County is to receive $344m over the same period. Polster ordered the companies to pay nearly $87m to cover the first two years of the abatement plan. In his ruling, the judge admonished the three companies, saying they “squandered the opportunity to present a meaningful plan to abate the nuisance”.


Over a million people have died through the Oxy epidemic and over 10,000 in these two counties from 2001 to 2022

Do the math.

$650 million divided by 10,000 ODs rounds off to $65000 per death without considering the collateral damage to families, friends, and communities. The pain from losing loved ones isn’t an issue, since drug addiction has been long considered a crime by most Americans as opposed to a sickness. As a recovering addict of fifty years I can attest to the ruination of relationships and work and health. There is no real price, yet the lawyer flacks for CVS, Walgreens and Walmart are considering a challenge to the award and no one from this corporate drug cartel has been threatened with prison.

Off Scot Free.

To vacation in St. Bart’s in the winter and the South of France in the summer.

Dinners with politicians to protect them from legislation against their criminal conspiracies, complaining that they never targeted poor communities and aren’t responsible for the Plague.

First of the list.

The Pfizer Family paid out billions to preserve their luxurious freedom.

Not one of them is in jail.

Criminals versus victims.

In this case crime paid royally.

Time to take all their wealth and treat addicts humanely everywhere.

Free the MIAs of the Drug Wars.

Reparations too.

Drugs won long ago and now it is time to clean up the mess.

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