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Journal Entry – January 31, 1979 – East Village

People White, Black, Yellow, Oriental, Occidental, African, Inuit A billion of us times four Mostly faceless The great unknown Waiting…. Where is the Messiah? Moses, Jesus, Buddha, Mohammad Hitler Blood, death,Belief Washing across the Globe For the past, present, and future. No, no, no, no Saviours last a weekend, a month and then assassination Demonic […]

CHICKEN MESSIAHS by Peter Nolan Smith

Several years ago the media covered a story about rat-infested aGreenwich Village KFC. The stock for Yum Corp, which owns the fast food chain along with Taco Bell, dropped fifty cents on the NYSE with the negative news and I felt bad, because for several years I had been a quality control inspector for KFC […]


“This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius” Those words were sung by the cast of HAIR in 1969 and millions of hippies dropped acid to touch the Aquarian sky. Nirvana was attainable via LSD and on the Fourth of July 1970 my friends John Gilmour, Tommy Jordan, Mark McLaughlin and I scored a […]


Throughout the 60s the Eastern High School hockey tournament was held at the old Boston Arena. Games between bitter rivals packed the stands over the legal capacity of 4600. In the 1968 ECAC semi-finals BC High was pitted Somerville High. Fans from the public high school filled the rinkside seats, while BC High’s following crammed […]

Bobby Hull’s 8th Hat Trick

The Boston Garden was a hallowed destination for fathers and sons in the 60s. The pride of the city was the Celtics, who were NBA champs year after year. I was a basketball fanatic and my father brought my older brother and me to several games after our move from Maine to the South Shore […]