Monthly Archives: March 2021

Signs of Talibanism

Didn’t Harry Belafonte sing, “C’mon Mr. Taliban, gimme me banana.” 10 SIGNS YOU MIGHT BE A MEMBER OF THE TALIBAN #10 you refine heroin but object to beer. #9 You own a $300 AK-47, but can?t afford shoes. #8 You have more wives than teeth. #7 Your vests come in two styles; bullet-proof and suicide […]

A Long Lost Letter of The Wall

In the Autumn of 1997 Ty Spaulding and I resided in a roughly renovated schoolhouse west of Galway. The Atlantic Ocean was a five-minute walk away. The waves pounded the shore. Summer was gone for good. We were surrounded by rain-swept bogs, fog-wreathed mountains, and the damp beneath our feet. Fall was the season of […]

The Year Of The Crow

My grandmother traveled by ship from Ireland to Boston at the age of 14. One heel of her good shoes broke coming down the gangway. It was her welcome to America. Once on a visit up to Maine someone asked the year of her arrival and Nana responded, “The Year of the Crow.” None of […]

Irish Ha-Ha

An Irishman who goes on to a building site looking for a job and is told by the foreman that he will have to undertake a brief test. ‘Fine,’ says the Irishman. ‘OK then,’ says the foreman. ‘First up, can you tell me the difference between a joist and a girder?’ ‘That’s easy,’ the Irishman […]

A Baguette and Butter

In the Sixties on the South Shore my Irish grandmother Nana served her grandchildren sugary tea and buttered Wonder Bread toast upon our return from parochial school. We dipped the crisp slices into the sweet milky tea and each bite revived our bodies and souls from the New England cold and eight hours under the […]