Loneliness On The Day Of Love

The snow fell in silence.
The clots of flakes feathered sidewalks floes.
Snow shovels scrapped on the concrete.
I threw out no salt.

Drifts collected by the bottom of brownstones.
No one came to shovel it away.
That was an old man’s job.

Snow loves the cold.
I have good gear against winter.
I wish I had a warm body waiting for me.
Sadly my wife awaits around the world.

No snow. but the shops sell snow beer, even at dawn.

It’s Valentine Day 2021.
I stayed home without a love in sight.
A lone man content to hold hands with a glass of wine, but
I will be complete.
I will be with my families from around the world.
One day even stranded sailors will find a ship home.
It is our calling.

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