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The Wall At Keogh’s Pub

In Autumn 1995 Ty Spaulding and I traveled to the Far West of Ireland. Our rented house in Ballyconneely had a view of the sea, moors, bogs, and the Seven Pins of the Connemarra. The internet had yet to become an instrument of communication and we wrote letters to friends around the world. Most recently […]

A MOTHER’S LAST WISH by Peter Nolan Smith

After the last holidays of 2006 my mother entered the final stages of her battle with cancer. These last rounds were not a pretty site, but her beauty remained intact to the end. Several days after the New Year my mother held my hand and said, “I’m so happy I made Christmas.” “Me too.” I […]

Couvre-feu A Paris

The environs of Paris have been inhabited since 10000 BN ie Before Now. The banks of the Seine have provided life to the last of the Neanderthals, the Cro-magnons, the Celts, the Romans, the Franks, and then for the French. After conquering northern France Adolph Hitler’s army declared a curfew and the City Of Light […]


The curfew comes for the old French phrase ‘couvre-feu’ meaning ‘cover fire’. William The Conqueror adopted the Middle Ages ‘curfeu’ to call on the people to extinguish the household fires to prevent conflagrations. 8PM was the normal hour for the curfeu. Same as declared by Mayor DeBlasio and Governor Cuomo this afternoon, but these corrupt […]

The Ugliest Man In Paris

Alain Pacadis led the gay revolution in Paris with friends Marie France and Paquita Paquin. He wrote for various newspapers and magazines in the French capitol. I met him at the Bains-Douches, where I was working as the physionomiste. Friends joked that the unwashed journalist was the ugliest man on Earth, although Setge Gainsbourg argued […]