The Weirs Of Wychmere

Weir fishing has existed since time immemorial.

In 1913 subway excavators discovered ancient wooden fishing weirs dating back 3500 years, although recent research suggests that the Back Bay site had existed almost 9,000 years ago and supported 30-50 families.

The melting glaciers on the Laurentian Granite Shield changed the influx of tides and the native people adapted their methods to suit the new climate.

On summer vacations to Cape Cod my brother and I sailed out to the abandoned Harwich weirs. The wooden stumps were connected by rickety walkways and covered with tattered shrouds of netting strewn with fish skeletons.

The gulls loved the weirs.

They scared my older brother.

Me too.

Recently I thought about them asked my cousins and family, if they remembered the weirs.

They all said no.

But once the weir fishermen provided hook fishermen with bait from the sea off Wychmere Harbor.

In days long gone.

Life was different.



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