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The 6th Commandment in Pattaya

Ten years ago the religious right in America sought to increase the influence of God on the government by trying to place the Ten Commandments in various courthouses and state legislatures. While I am not a follower of the bearded Jehovah in the flowing muumuu, I had nothing against erection of the twin tablets of […]


In the winter of 1995 I was sitting at my desk in the diamond exchange, when Scottie Taylor phoned from LA. “How you doing?” “Great, I’m opening a Milk Bar in Beverly Hills. How’d you like to be the doorman?” The ex-lightweight mentioned the numbers. The salary was on par with what I earned selling […]

Dead Dreams

Most people think that it is impossible to dream about your death. Common myth upholds to dream of your death would cause your own death, however according to experts most dreams of death symbolize a renewal of life or a change in the path of your destiny. Freudians regard all dreams interpreting the two basic […]

Rock Bottom

“Failure is always easier to maintain than success.” And hard drinking in a dress says rock bottom to me. Unless you like dresses, then it’s fine.

6 Baht in the Bank

When I first toured the Orient, friends and family asked, “Are you scared of someone robbing you?” “I live in the East Village.” The neighborhood welcome wagon in 1977 had been Hakkim and his junkie friends cleaning out our apartment. “I’ll be careful.” Truthfully the greater danger was my losing something.