White Man Overbite

Earlier in the week Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh testified before the Senate Judicial Committee in response to an old schoolmate’s accusation of sexual abuse i.e. attempted rape. The GOP revealed their support with an avalanche of old white white man grimaces.

Chairman Chuck Grassley didn’t attack Kananaugh’s victim either by person or testimony.

The Senator even apologized to Mrs. Blassey Ford, although only to accuse of Democrats of summing a witch hunt, but make no mistake Chuck Grassley is another old white guy seeking to protect male domination of America.

Lindsey Graham proved himself to be a woman-hating KKK drag queen.

And who can believe the snake-dancer Ted Cruz?


Or Trump the ultimate liar.

He wasn’t even born in the USA.

That White Boy Overbite was popularized in WHEN TOM MEETS SALLY.

It was the way we danced in publix.
,P>No shame.

Only eating a mayonnaise sandwich is a more convincing proof of being a white boy.

And damn it electrify everything.

Otherwise use more lighter fluid.

Burn baby burn.

especially Greenwich CN.

ps GI JOE doesn’t overbite.

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