Category 6 Hurricane

The first hurricane of the season gathered strength during the storm’s slow progress across the Atlantic. Florence had one point has classed a category 4 storm and the Carolinas prepared for the worst, however the tempest weakened in the shallow continental shelf and struck Cape Hatteras as a Category 1 hurricane.

A category 1 is no joke.

Sandy destroyed New Jersey and New York in 2012.

No surfers challenged the waves in Sandy and no one was fool enough to mess with Florence.

The name lost its popularity in the 1930s.

Florence Henderson is the only woman with that prenom in the 1970s.

She was born in 1934.

Strangely had been revived in the 2010s.

Hence Hurricane Florence.

Donald Trump said we have everything under control.

From a gold course.

He shot a 65.

In stiff winds.

The US Meteorological Survey predicted that the rainfall would amount to nineteen trillion gallons, which is about 1/13th of the water in Lake Superior.

A cold lake to surf.

The Atlantic is a big ocean.

An expanse of salt water stretching from pole to pole.

The melting ice caps have created the Swell.

The water does not spread evenly across the globe.

It pools in height according to the power of the cosmos and climate scitentists are now predicting a Category 6 Hurricane.

Enough to engulf the coast.

And cast the world into darkness.

Not forever.

Just enough to make man realize that we have to deconsume.

It’s the only way to go.

And there’s more to come.

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