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Drinking Yourself To Death

Every week the Pattaya Media highlights another farang leaving this mortal coil from suicide. Favorite methods of self-demise tend to be jumping from a condo, poison, or hanging yourself with a plastic bag around your head, but few people ever comment on the most popular technique ie drinking yourself to the grave, since the process […]

Out Of It

Stranger Stranger

Family. Sigh. Maybe I remember the better moments of life. I don’t think so. Then again I am far from a perfect person. As anyone can judge from this missive from my cousin. “I think of you all every day, unfavorably and with sorrow. It is, I suppose, kind of you to contact me but, […]

SCHNORER / BET ON CRAZY by Peter Nolan Smith

On a late October afternoon in 1994 I hurried from the subway to the diamond exchange on 47th Street. A cold drizzle wet the sidewalk. My leather jacket fought off the damp and my boots prevented the wet from touching my feet. It was 9:25 and a slovenly beggar wearing a soggy yamakah stepped into […]

ALMOST A DEAD MAN by Peter Nolan Smith- CHAPTER 3