The Mysterious Bronx River

Donald Trump has been unstoppable in his assault of nature from defunding the EPA to banning the term ‘Global Warming’ in government releases, and rolling back the protective codes enacted over the last half-century. The GOP are happy as pigs in shit by the end to environmental strictures against pollution of water, air, and land. Liberals are outraged by thius assault on Mother Earth, yet few people are changing their consumption patterns.

The Bronx River is a good example.

The native Americans fished and ate oysters from the “Aquehung”.

During the 19th Century industrial mills along the twenty-four mile waterway fouled the river.

A major contributor was Lorillard Snuff Mill manufacturing tobacco products since the 1700s.

The water quality improved in the 1900s, however the spread of the city surpassed the abuse of industry and the river died in the Bronx.

People did this.

Nothing lived in the river.

But people have repair the damage to the Bronk River.

Millions of oysters have been seeded at the mouth and recently residetns have sighted a beasver in the stream.

A beaver.

What has been done will be undone by Mother Earth, but only with help from Mankind.

Deconsume, you slobs.

It’s the only way to save this planet.

ps Also resist Trump every step of the way.

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