The Madness Of Guns

Last week in Parkland, Florida a young gunman entered his old school and pulled out legally purchased AR-15. Victor Cruz emptied magazine after magazine at students and teachers, killing seventeen and wounding fourteen. An armed policeman waited four minutes before venturing into the school. The killer blended into the fleeing teenagers and escaped to a nearby Wal-Mart before having a Happy Meal at Mickie Ds. Eighty minutes after the first shots were fired a Coral Gables officer detained Cruz two miles from the scene of the massacre.

That evening Donald Trump offered his thoughts and prayers.

The students of Stoneman Douglas rejected them.

They had seen enough.

They had lost enough.

It was time for change.

On February 17 the students rallied under the cry “NEVER AGAIN’.

Student and survivor Emma González scorned the thoughts and prayers.

On the 20th survivors drove to the state capitol to meet with GOP legislators, but they were too busy voting on an anti-pornography bill to speak with the teenagers.

The NRA and their GOP supporters were quick to attack the students as sills for a socialist agenda, going so far as to state that seventeen year-olds were not old enough to speak out on complex issues.

“Many in legacy media love mass shootings,” NRA spokesperson Dana Loesch claimed to a standing ovation at a Maryland NRA rally. “I’m not saying you love the tragedy, but you love the ratings. Crying white mothers are ratings gold.”

Wayne LaPierre cranked up the madness by stating, ““The shameful politicization of tragedy — it’s a classic strategy, right out of the playbook of a poisonous movement.”

Trump came up with a GREAT IDEA and tweeted a suggestion that the state arm up to 20% of the teachers to stop “maniacs” from attacking students. The following day he called a “gun free” school a “magnet” for criminals and tweeted, “Highly trained, gun adept, teachers/coaches would solve the problem instantly, before police arrive. GREAT DETERRENT!”

The Great Stupid Orange’s political base hailed the militarization of schools.

Wayne LaPierre bumped up the rhetoric by saying at the NRA rally, “The leftitsst care more about control, and more of it. Their goal is to eliminate the second amendment and our firearms freedoms so they can eradicate all individual freedoms… They hate the NRA, they hate the second amendment, they hate individual freedom.”

The gun fanatics are terrified of having their weapons confiscated by the government, but after the Civil War confederate troops were allowed to retain their rifles for hunting purposes. Millions of men returned to Dixie fully armed to insure that the blacks did not murder them and then seized by force the arms of the newly-freed slaves.

In truth the right to bear arms guaranteed by the Constitution has been perverted to exist as a weapon of racism and that heritage is honored by the NRA and its followers.

We can respect the beliefs of the minority, but Viktor Cruz was a believer in Race War.

Killing blacks and Muslims was his right.

Stoneman Douglas school was 40% Jewish.

He believed that they should die too.

Same as many whites in the South, North, West, and Central states, but NEVER AGAIN means never shall the South rise again.

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