# 45 = Asshole

Donald Trump had not taken off Labor Day Weekend.

# 45 has vowed to retaliate against North Korea with massive force, if the Hermit Nation dares to threaten the USA.

His Treasury Secretary has said that any expenditure to aid those affected by Hurricane Harvey needs to offset by cuts to other programs.

The estimated cost of the clean-up has been estimated to be $180 billion.

At a Houston shelter he said he had ‘big hands’. Prostitutes have said he has small hands and and even smaller penis.

And lastly # 45 will appoint a coal executive to oversee the safety of the mining industry. Zatezalo, the former CEO of Rhino Resources, has a horrible record protecting miners, but what else can you expect from Fatso Trump.

# 45 means asshole and the asshole has another day to ruin this weekend.

Golfing hopefully rather than tweeting to nuke North Korea.

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