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The Last Tree in the World

The right have long suspected Global Warming as a propaganda device foisted on the masses to prevent them from riding SUVs, but these millions of fat people sweat too much, which is the main cause for the temperature rise. I’m also overweight, although most of it is beer bloat. If you are not part of […]

Bannok Loves Farangs

Middle-Age farang males vacation in Thailand for the beaches and the temples. A friend sometimes suggests a visit to the Last Babylon. In Pattaya the man meets a girl. Past and present are unimportant. She is something out of a dream and they spent an idyllic vacation on Koh Samet. The disgust of fat western […]

Huffington Post Fluff

The Huffington Post was founded by Arianna Huffington on May 9, 2005. Ms. Huffington was a respected conservative journalist and under her tutelage she transformed the website into the leading liberal source of information. I regularly visited the site. Arianna Huffington was succeeded by Lydia Polgreen, formerly of The New York Times, in 2015. The […]

Proof Of Global Warming

The recent heat wave in the USA has not stopped the global warming denialists’ campaign of refuting science. I suspect many had failed the subject in high school. I responded to their fervent rejection of reason with the following logic. “Global warming is caused by Man’s not reading the bible. More sinners go to hell […]

Jocko Weyland “Vagabond” Show at Kerry Schuss Gallery

Metal and leaves, concrete and plastic, trees and trains, scrap heaps and decaying drive-ins, parking lots and telephone wires, luminescent polluted water and cranes, bridges, overgrown tennis courts, and public housing in the distance, Everything is something as the most ordinary objects and prospects are saturated with detail and nuance. Things, places, views. Taken between […]