Monthly Archives: September 2016

Yayoi Kusama – The Queen Of Dots

The artist Yayoi Kusama was born in 1929. Her hometown was Kyoto. Her family made money from selling seeds. At the age of 19 she studied the formal Meiji painting style. Nihonga was not for her and she said years later, “When I think of my life in Kyoto, I feel like vomiting. After the […]

The End Of Cars Is Neigh

The Indian tribes of the West have unified to stop the Dakotan pipeline from crossing their ancient grounds. Yesterday the North Dakotan governor sent in the Bismarck Police backed by armored vehicles. They are standing their ground to support the pipeline’s progress. The Indians refuse to move. The police hold shotguns. The Indians gave them […]

Tears Of Kusama – Modern Musee In Stockholm

This week in Stockholm Modern Musee Yayoi Kusama exhibited a collection of works from 2009 to the present. At the opening of her show the 87 year-old painter said, ” “My life has been polished by art” and wept. A great artiste.


CHAPTER 1 – THE FIRST TEN MILES The trees on Centre Street wavered with the warm spring wind under a blue cloudless morning sky, as an Arborway trolley rattled on the warped steel rails toward Forest Hills. Two long-haired men and a young blonde woman in a peasant dress sat on the wooden seats of […]

Zombie Texters Alert

I work at a diamond store on West 57th Street. This morning I counted the number of people with a cellphone in their hand. 60%. 30% of them had their eyes glued to the screen. Lost to the world. I have an old flip phone. I can’t do anything with it other than text and […]