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Fucking Dog

“Why does a dog lick its balls?” “Because it can.”

La Belle France

Paris is an amazing city, but it has been renown for the beauty of women living there throughout time. Here is a collection of movie stars. They lit up our lives. Catherine Deneuve Brigitte Bardot Sophie Marceau Marie Trintignan Carole Bouquet Dominique Sanda Isabelle Adjani Of course there’s no mention of Franciose Hardy. The only […]

Francia Go Bragh

The November Paris Attacks shocked the world into adopting Paris as everyone’s City of Light. City Halls around the globe were lit red, white, and blue to honor the dead. Egalite, Fraternatie,et Liberte were translated into every language. Berets and baguettes were treated with respect. French fries were French fries even in the Deepest South. […]

Arnold’s Hamlet

Some movies beg to be made for a star’s public. HAMLET with Arnold Schwatzenegger in the starring role as the Danish Prince. “To be or not to be….(explosion)…Not to be.” To view Arnold’s Hamlet, please go to the following URL

Bobby Orr – Tiger # 4

Bobby Orr has undoubtably been the Greatest Boston Bruin in the modern age. His offensive net-to-net play revolutionized the role of defensemen throughout the NHL. His team won two Stanley Cups in 1970 and 1972, although were thwarted from adding their names to the championship trophy on more than one occasion in the 197os by […]