The # Of Me

This morning I googled a friend’s name. Nine of him lived in the USA, although the number dropped to one once I typed in his middle edition. I’m not so scarce. There are over 66,000 Peter Smiths in the USA. They live in every state of the union. They work at most professions. I know none.

Once I entered in my middle name, I became unique on goggle except for another Peter Nolan-Smith in Canada and he uses an hyphen, so I am one out of 66,000.

1/66000 = 1 / 66 000 = 1.51515152 × 10-5

That’s 10 to the 5th power.

Some maps are 1/66000.

Same as me.

The one and only of my kind.

But isn’t everyone.

ps the photo is Keira Knightley from BEND IT LIKE BECKHAM.

She’s one of a kind too.

Just like everyone in the world, past, present, and future.

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