Stormfront FLA.

My membership in Stormfront has yet to lapse and I’m counted as one of the over 200,000 members of the white supremacy website. My reason for joining during the 2008 election was to convince the racist members that a vote for Obama would hasten the Last Days.

I am not a racist or white supremacist, but its founder Don Black, a former Ku Klux Klan leader and 1981 coup leader in Dominica, has called for a crusade to save White America with its corruption of the Celtic cross inscribed with the motto “White Pride World Wide”.

One of its more successful media strikes was taking over a Fox News poll asking about attendance at racially segregated proms. Bill Reilly refused to publish the skewed results.

Stormfront is the 338th largest membership site on the Web according to Wikipedia and over 40,000 people visit his site each day.

In contrast gets between 1000-1500 a day.

Stormfront’s home base is West Palm Beach, Florida. Russ Limbaugh is reclused across Lake Worth in Palm Beach. David Black hosts a weekly forum at a popular restaurant off the Dixie Highway. One of my friend’s brothers financially supported Stormfront until his new step-father cut all the natural children from their mother’s trust.

His sister refused him entry to her house on Xmas.

No one in the family wanted to hear his racist rant.

Her brother joined his friends at Stormfront to celebrate to birth of a Jewish Messiah.

Somehow none of it makes sense to an atheist.

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