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War Is Over John Lennon

Lennon continues to speak from beyond the Here-Now. My hero.

A BARK BETTER THAN A BITE by Peter Nolan Smith

Every diamond shop on West 47th Street was open seven days a week from Thanksgiving to Christmas Eve. Sales people, guards, elevator operators, schleppers, cutters, setters, polishers, and even Lennie the Bum slaved throughout the holiday rush in hopes of scoring enough cash to buy presents. Stores extended their normal hours to entice late-night shoppers. […]

The Longest Night


Long Ago The Doo-Wop

$2nd Street was synonymous with sin in the 1970s. Fucking Rudy Guiliani closed the porno shops and XXX theaters. Disney moved into the vacated premises. Now 42nd Street between 7th and 8th Avenues belongs to fat people eating fast food. A hell of gross consumption. The Minnesota Strip was no heaven, but I liked it […]

Kids On Bikes

I love riding with my kids. I’ve only had one accident with Angie. Nothing bad. Only scrapped skin. All accidents that don’t kill you build character.