Monthly Archives: July 2014

Great Wall Of China From Space

I’ve flown over the Great Wall of China on numerous occasions without ever seeing it from the air. I’ve never stopped in Beijing to travel north to view the lengthy fortifications at Jinshanling. Friends of mine say they have walked the steep walls. Photos exist of the Great Wall, so I guess it really is […]

Hitchhiker Chicks

Hippie chicks hitchhiking are cool. Ax murderers are uncool.

Motorcycle Mamas

Biker chicks are cool.

70s Versus Now

Where be my Time machine, Mister Wizard. Fuck now.

Cyclone In Revere

Two days ago an early morning tornado stuck Revere Beach. Thankfully tree were no serious injuries from the EF-2 outburst, but winds gusted to 120 mph in a 3/8ths of a mile swarth, leaving residents without power for several hours. While tornadoes are extremely rare along the Massachusetts coast, Revere Beach was once home to […]