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Pete Seeger Bridge

According to Wikipedia the Hudson River was known as Muh-he-kun-ne-tuk by the Iroquois and Muhheakantuck or ‘river that flows both ways’ by the Lenape tribe. The tidal estuary was a great passageway into the interior and provided fish and shellfish in great abundance. Back in the 70s my friend James Spicer cooked shad roe in […]

Work For Less

A friend of mine works at an editor for Harper Collins in the UK. Her division has suffered another downsizing, despite the book publishers reporting a 33% increase in the last quarter in 2013. More earnings means less workers and less books. One day no one will be working anywhere. I’m not working today, so […]

Buddy Miles, Jimi Hendrix, Lightnin Rod – Doriella du Fontaine – Radio Edit.(Rare Single)


roller-skate blonde A blonde in a one-piece bathing suit with high white sox and roller-skates. Ah, the good things in Life. They were simple back in the 1970s.

East River Crossing

I like the view from the Pulaski Bridge. No one could tell that the Newtown Creek was a major pollution site, especially with the sailboats tied up on the Queens side of that cursed inlet. I coasted down the bridge and bicycled to the ferry landing on the East River. The shore line was lipped […]