This past month I had been trying to sell a 1.25 diamond. Phoning Gene was impossible and he didn’t return texts, however the young tech lawyer was very prompt with responses to emails.

“No one speaks on the phone anymore.” I wrote him and Gene responded, “Super old people use payphones/landlines, old people use Cell phones/voicemail/email, and young cool people communicate through texting, social media.”

“You forgot about ESP. That’s for really super cool people. Can you read my mind?”

“No.” His answer took the pressure of two fingers.

“I can read yours.” It was like reading a comic book.

“What am I thinking?” He suspected that I was trying to make a million dollars from a $13,000 sale. Lawyers trust no one, because all they hear all day are lies.

The answer was easy.



“_____” Silence wasn’t in the vocabulary of the young.


“Blank thought.” I didn’t lie, because I was too lazy not to tell the truth.



Blank as the fallen snow.

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