Monthly Archives: November 2013

Black Friday Beer

Today on Black Friday millions of Americans hit the shopping malls to purchase marked-down electronics and toys. This frenzied spending spree kicked off the Christmas shopping season. This year’s Black Friday was an all ugly affair and the event has getting uglier by the year. The term ‘black Friday originated from Philadelphia retailers’ description of […]

Shannon’s On The Case

Shannon woke with a hangover. It had lasted two days. The phone rang. Bill, his partner said, “I need you.” The next sound was a death rattle. Bill was now his ex-partner. Shannon got out of bed with his hangover intact. He picked up his gat. Someone was going to pay for Bill. Outside in […]

RICH BITCH – Die AntwoorD

I love to hear her say FUCK THE UPPER CLASSES. To hear RICH BITCH – Die AntwoorD please go to the following Url


In 2002 I caught two shows on Arthur Lee in Brooklyn I was with Andrew Pollock from Andrix and Ivan Julian from the Voidoids We sang to each song. Everyone in the audience sang to every song. With each stanza, with each chorus, with each word we realized how much we loved LOVE. And this […]

OLDbOY 2003

This afternoon I watched OLDBOY, a Korean revenge thriller directed by Park Chan-wook adapted from a Japanese manga of the same name written by Nobuaki Minegishi and Garon Tsuchiya. I was mesmerized by the movie. It rips part the soul and plunges deep into the heart. Nothing is spared in the search for the truth. […]