Monthly Archives: October 2013

No Gas In Manhattan

The other day my boss and longtime friend Tem were driving along Houston Street to a job site on East 10th Street. The Californian had moved here in the early 80s and I had come to the East Village in the 70s. We spoke about the changes to the neighborhood, pointing out what was still […]

Not Recommended Price

In the late-1970s I haunted the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The suggested admission was $5. I gave the cashier a quarter, since a fiver bought a nice meal at the Dorothy Draper’s elegantly designed Fountain Restaurant. Over the years I might have been to the museum a hundred times. I know the Asmat sculptures, the […]

An American Romance

America was the first nation to fall in love with the car. Henry Ford’s assembly lines produced affordable vehicles for the masses. Gas was cheap and roads were open. The number of automobiles rocketed from hundreds to thousands to millions. The present number of cars in the USA is over 300 million, however more and […]

Smoother Streets

Hundreds of ghost bikes are spread across New York City to commemorate the bikers and pedestrians killed by motorists. Biking is difficult on the city’s rough road. Potholes and repairs force bikers into the path of cars and trucks. Bikers were win this contest, however I noticed over the last six months that the Brooklyn […]

Safer Biking In NYC

Two nights ago I was bicycling up to the Williamsburg Bridge. A small crowd of bikers were gathered opposite the old Williamsburg Bank. I slowed down and spotted several city officials handing out night lights for bikes. Free. I got into line and a young man came up to me. “We’re from the DOT of […]