Pole Dancing for $$$

Whenever a sports commentators has compared hockey to ballet, I cringe in horror. Hockey is hockey and ballet is ballet. My opinion on pole-dancing is equally obdurate in that this dance genre deserves to be preformed in a bar before drunken fat men, although recent efforts to elevated the exotic dance into an art form has resulted in pole dancing classes and contests across the world.

Most recently a Thai woman won a championship in Malaysia with a showgirl regime. A man won the bronze for his kung-fu spinning. A man on a pole and he wasn’t gay.

“Pole dancing is an art and it can be sexy without stripping.” the winner stated to the Press.

Excuse me, but not a chance.

I expect my pole dancers to be naked, unless it’s at the Kit Kat Club in West Palm Beach.

Those crackhead heifers are better off in chadors.

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