Rob The Rich

I know rich people.

They live mostly in Palm Beach, Millbrook, or the Upper Easts Side of Manhattan, because they feel safe in those wealthy enclaves, however armed gunman invaded a Tribeca condo a little after dark. One of the pair put a 9mm to the head of the young owner.

“Where’s the safe?”

The young man told them without hesitation. He was worth multi-millions.

“What’s the combination?”

Herman gave it up without a struggle.

They got $90,000 and left Herman tied to the chair. His wife found him an hour later. He got up and opened a bottle of wine.

“Aren’t you calling the police?”

“What for?”

He didn’t need the NYPD asking any questions and Herman phoned me later to ask, “Did I do the right thing?”

“Someone knew you had the money in the safe. Someone knew why.” I wasn’t asking any questions. “Are you okay?”

“Yes, but my wife is freaked.”

“Are you going to tell her the truth?”

“No.” And he wasn’t telling me it either.

We are entering a time that I never thought I would see again.

1975 with all of America broke and people willing to take chances. but this time is will be worst, so you rich people, when Obama requests more taxes, don’t say nothing or else you could end up like the Russian aristocrats in 1919 and that was a tough year for the rich..

Give and give often or else who’ll meet Herman’s friends. They number in the millions and there is no where safe in a revolution.

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