Monthly Archives: March 2013

MISSILE AWAY by Peter Nolan Smith

During his youth my older brother was a a good student. He was the top of his class, but he was also a pyromaniac. On several occasions Frunk came close to burning down our house in Maine. After our family moved to a suburb south of Boston in 1960, my brother exemplied our nation’s fascination […]

Pacem In Terris

Pope John XXIII wrote the Easter encuclical PACEM IN TERRIS in 1963. The Pontiff was upset by how close the world had come to global destruction during the Cuban Missile Crisis and his holiday missive was addressed not only the Faithful, but ‘all men of good will’. His treatise also extolled the rights of man, […]

Holy Saturday

AP and his family left Fort Greene for the Easter Weekend. I’ve been alone in the brownstone, feeding the cats, turtle, and fish. My sense of worth is low and I treat that with beer, preferably Narragansett. That lager tasted of New England. This morning I finished re-writing IN HEAVEN ABOVE, my comedy script about […]

Easter Sunday Humor Pattaya

Several years ago I spent a quiet night in Donovan’s Sports Bar on 3rd Road. The owner was sitting alone and I decided to join Steve for an Easter cheeseburger. We discussed my upcoming trip to the USA and he said, “It’s been three and half years since I was last in New York.” “Over […]

On The March

Yesterday afternoon I was working on a small film at the northern end of Mulberry Street. I caught sight of a three young priests carrying a large wooden cross. About a hundred teenagers followed them. Their faces glowed with devotion to their faith. The director, knowing my feelings about the Catholic Church, sidled up to […]