Who Done It

Violent protests against the film trailer INNOCENCE OF MUSLIMS continue to plague the Muslim world and US officials have attempted to find out who made the incendiary fourteen-minute movie that resulted in the death of the US ambassador to Libya along with two of his fellow countrymen. The blame has shifted from a fictitious filmmaker to a far-right Christian group called Media For Christ, which had filed for a film shot on a Paramount set. Police are questioning its anti-Islamic president, Joseph Nassralla, but a spokesman of Media For Christ swore that the charity had nothing to do with the movie.

Ex-film student Karam El Masry has yet to be interrogated by the LAPD.

No one wants to admit their involvement with this horrid film and I doubt anyone will come forward to claim responsibility.

They live in the shadows and have retreated back into them, leaving behind some sucker to hold the bag.

And it won’t be Sam Bacile.

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