Last Shot of WWI

Last night in Charlotte NC Barack Obama spoke about ending the war in Iraq. Our troops left that country in Dec 2011, but the USA maintains a large presence in Afghanistan. Only yesterday two soldiers were killed there. The president vowed to bring our troops home by 2014. VP Biden ended his speech with a shout-out to those serving overseas, but Mitt Romney never mentioned Afghanistan in his speech. Only Clint Eastwood said the word in his famed conversation with an empty chair.

The GOP candidate was the first Republican nominee since 1952 to not mention war during his convention speech.

I didn’t see his speech.

Nor did I see the last shot fired in WWI, which was on Lake Michigan in June of 1921, when a US gunboat sunk a German U-Boat, U.C. 97

One sailor, Ernie Pyle, later wrote that the ship was “still in sinking condition…it constantly shied to the right and once in a while felt as if it wanted to lie down.”

The sunken submarine lays in unknown waters.

Even Mitt Romney doesn’t know where.

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