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Every day I feel blessed to be alive. To see the wonder of this world, please go to the following URL and watch David Attenborough speaking to the music of WHAT A WONDERFUL WORLD.

Oak Beach Inn

In the 80s I would get on my Yamaha XS 650CC and drive out of Manhattan to Jones Beach. I’d avoid the gathering of sun-worshippers at the East Bathhouse and rode past the sand dunes bordering Ocean Parkway past West Gilgo and Cedar Beach to the Oak Beach Inn located across the inlet from the […]

Annals of Drinking / A Few Too Many

My landlord subscribes to the New Yorker. I read the magazine from time to time. Never all of it, but I cherrypick the articles and several years ago I was drawn to Joan Accocela’s THE ANNALS OF DRINKING / A Few Too Many, which was probably the best-written piece to be published in that esteemed […]


SEPTEMBER SONG was written by Kurt Weill to present an aging man’s lament of the passage of youth. Many women have sung it as well, few better than Eartha Kitt and the composer’s wife. It’s the epitome of Schaden-Freude. Check out Lotte Lenya’s version by going to this URl

Split Sky

At the age of ten I sat on our roof during a summer electrical storm with my older brother. The sky looked like the beginning of THE WIZARD OF OZ. Unlike Kansas Boston rarely offered such a dramatic show of weather. My father yelled for us to come inside. We thought we knew better and […]