NBC Sucks

My nephew in Palm Beach had a meltdown about NBC’s failing to provide live coverage for the London Olympic opening ceremonies.

Dear, NBC. You’re all a bunch of capitalist pigs, I hope you get swine flu and take all you advertising dollars to your graves while you’re devoid of real emotion and even more of souls. Your coverage is shit, just like your viewers who sit and watch primetime garbage television. Go get shot in London and eat my shiny metal ass.

Seriously their coverage is based on getting as much advertising dollars as they can. It’s ridiculous. Every other country gets the watch the games live, but the states have to be complete idiots about the biggest sports event on the planet… to them the Super Bowl is more important… although 99.9999% or people worldwide could give a shit about their genetic freaks slamming into each other over an oval shaped “ball”

I totally concur with his comments.

And worst than the time-delayed coverage are the human interest episodes headed by the wig of Bob Costas.

The Olympics are about sports, you fuckheads and sports fans want their sports live.

Once again NBC sucks a pig’s cock.

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