Monthly Archives: May 2012

One More

Monday. Qal-ah-ye Mirza Jal, Afghanistan. Enemy combatants attacked a PATROL of the Indiana National Guard with RPGs. Circumstances unknown, but Arronn Fields of Terre Haute died his his wounds suffered in this engagement in a town that even I can’t pronounce and Goggle maps couldn’t find in its search engine. The 27 year-old was the […]

U-Nai Teelat

Thai girlfriends are renown for their devotion to untruth, especially when it comes to letting their absent boyfriends know their whereabouts. “I’m in my village with maih.” I’ve heard this phone conversation from the bed of many a naked woman and Soi 6 is certainly not Isaan. Many suspicious farangs increasingly hire detectives to track […]

GPS Tracking Thai GF

If you google on detective and Thailand, the search engine will come up with hundreds of sites, offering services for finding missing persons, background checks, record searches, and surveillance of foreign visitors and local residents especially Thai wives, fiances and girlfriends. Foreign men come out to Thailand, marry a woman half their age after knowing […]

Sunset From Brooklyn

Yesterday my landlord and I bicycled over to North Williamsburg for an art opening. We ate sushi and drank beer, wine, sake, and tequila. The paintings by Charlotte Eschenlohr-Seidl were a pleasant surprise. We bid good night a little after 7 and rode down to the East River. An armada of rain-clouds lingered over the […]

Pattaya By Foot

Pattaya offers locals and tourists many forms of transportation, but at one point you must walk from a vehicle to your destination. The uneven levels of the sidewalks, missing grates, and the errant baby elephant require constant alertness and courtesy is a valued asset along Beach Road, where stalls protruded into the public walkways and […]