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Q Most farangs vacation in Thailand for the beaches food, culture, and temples. I had been to many. In 1997 a friend in exile from the UK off-suggested a visit to the Last Babylon. Pattaya offered love-lost western men a chance to meet a girl of their dream. Past and present are unimportant. Most men […]

YELLOW TEETH by Peter Nolan Smith

I have been arrested several times in my life. Age 12 for vandalizing an abandoned missile base overlooking Boston Harbor Age 21 for driving over a bed of flowers at a girl’s college in Newton. Age 25 for running an after-hour club in Manhattan. Age 31 in Paris for grafitting the British Embassy wall. The […]

Tsunami 2004 plus 7

Seven years ago on Boxing Day a tour boat dropped me the southern end of Koh Samet and I kayaked to a distant island. The idyllic isle was deserted, except for a single family. The father was a sailor and this post required his protecting the untouched forests from loggers. The family was there for […]

The Man Who Never Shat

Western travelers regarded the Chosin Peninsula as a ‘Hermit Kingdom’ well into the 19th Century. Japan pried open the doors of its old rival with more deadier cannons and guns. Korea regained its freedom at the defeat of the Rising Sun. The victors; Russia, China, and the USA Cold War created two separate states. Capitalism […]

Fuck-Up In Dusseldorf

The days of December went into double-digits without my purchasing a ticket to Thailand. I was sitting with Vonelli in his Charleroi mansion sifting through the online travel sites. The Floridian suggested Air Berlin out of Dusseldorf. It was a four-hour train ride from Luxembourg, where I had been serving as ‘unofficial writer in residence’ […]