Monthly Archives: November 2011

THE LIGHT OF THE MOON by Peter Nolan Smith

Tulsa was a very religious town in 1974. Sundays belonged to the Lord. The bedroom windows were open to the fresh morning air and the numerous church bells calling for the faithful woke me from sleep. My good friend AK and I were guests of the Speare sisters. Both were long-legged blondes. Valerie had been […]

Do Not Pass Go

There is an old European adage; kill one person, go to jail, kill forty people and you get sent to a mental hospital. Today a Norwegian court declared that the mass murderer of 77 people in July of this year was suffering from paranoid schizophrenia; i.e. that he is insane. His probably sentence after trail […]

Barney Frank Quits

I’m used to being in the minority. I’m a left-handed gay Jew. I’ve never felt, automatically, a member of any majority. – Barney Frank, Massachusetts Congressman Old Barney is calling it quits in the Congress after twenty years of service for 4th Congressional District. Barney Frank defended the Combat Zone, was pro-Choice, backed reparations for […]

SADLY MISTAKEN by Peter Nolan Smith

Whenever I mentioned to my friends in the USA or Europe that I was moving to Luxembourg, they immediately stated, “Luxembourg is the most boring city of Western Europe.” Actually nearby Brussels won the prix d’or d’ennui followed tightly by Zurich and Warsaw. Birmingham has given all three a run for the money with the […]

MIAMI BEACH BLIND by Peter Nolan Smith

A dawn of rain, drizzle, snow, and ice pellets greeted Boston on the first day of 1975. The weather on the second day of January was equally miserable, but by late morning the temperature had risen into the 40s and I walked from my apartment on Beacon Hill to the Mass Avenue onramp of the […]