Monthly Archives: September 2011

THE WRONG SIZE SHOES by Peter Nolan Smith

Twenty-five minutes after the stroke of Twelve New Year’s Eve 1982 a masked assassin shot dead the main investor a block away from the Continental Club on West 25th Street. The FBI and NYPD’s Internal Affairs investigating Viktor Malenski’s murder quickly drew lines between the dots. My ex-girlfriend was living with the dead man’s partner. My boss […]

I Still Like Ike

Eisenhower speaks from the grave with grace. A great American president. He ended the Korean War, reduce federal deficits, opposed Israel in the Suez Canal, rejected helping the French suppress the Vietnamese, secretly stopped the proto-fascist Joe McCarthy, built the Interstate system, enforce desegregation of schools, and had a decent golf game. He was Supreme […]

FEATHERS by Bryan LeBoeuf

The Louisiana artist Bryan LeBoeuf has completed a new series of paintings. I’ve appreciated his realist style since walking into his Williamsburg studio in 2002. HIs painting of THE MOSH PIT captured my admiration and his unswerving dedication to this representative genre has attained new heights with his new offerings. I never say to myself, […]

Do Svidaniya AK47

- The AK-47 or Kalash was the assault rifle of choice for insurgents, rebels, revolutionaries, and armed forces since its introduction by the Soviet Army in 1946 to maximize close combat firepower. It was light, easy to operate in wide variety of conditions, and packed a punch. A silhouette graced the flag of the Red […]

Yee-Hah Texas

Last year Texas executed 18 men. Their punishment was ordered by the state for the crimes of murder. 2011 is on track to beat that number. The 11th man to lay his body on the injection cross had heinously murdered a black man in 1998 by dragging their victim behind his Ford pick-up truck. A […]