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Atlantic Ocean Temp 94F And Rising

My ever-svelte and desirable Palm Beach reporter AR emailed this short epistle from the richest beach community in America. “This is a summer for the record books! Can’t even cool off in the pool. Water temp 94º and rising. Ocean a bit cooler (not much) but sea lice and jellyfish are keeping me at bay, […]

SOMEBODY TO LOVE – The Great Society

I’m A Hypocrite

A reader sent a comment on my entry DEATH SONG THAILAND He found umbrage with my comment that ‘The majority of US Citizens consider the death penalty as an effective weapon against murder.’ PROUD AMERICAN said… I don’t know where you got your information on most Americans think the death penalty is a effective deterrent […]


The Freedom To Feast

The Constitution’s 1st Amendment guaranteed Americans the Freedom of Speech. Cellphones have liberated the country and people speak their minds in their cars, bathrooms, restaurants, bars, work, trains, parks, beaches ad infinitum. Most of what they say is nonsense and these inane conversation are stored by the NSA in a secret building nicknamed The Tower […]