Acceptable improper Etiquette

‘It’s one thing to have bad manners, it’s good manners to know when not to use them.” James Steele

Nearly three years ago GW Bush embarked on a farewell tour of occupied Iraq. A reporter was so incensed by the president’s smile and joking that he hurled his shoe at GW Bush. It missed, as did his second shoe. The act is considered an extreme insult in the Middle East.

“This is a farewell kiss from the Iraqi people, you dog.”

Security guards hauled the barefooted journalist from the room. His screams was recorded by camera. GW Bush shrugged with a pleased smirk.

“It’s a way for people to draw attention.”

Muntadhar al-Zaidi was tortured repeatedly during his two-years of incarceration

Beatings with electric cables and iron bars accompanied by endless session of near-drowning in icy cold water.

Al-Zaidi was hailed as a hero upon his release in 2009. An Arab business offered to buy the shoes for $10,000,000. The Pentagon refused to sell and destroyed the relics. GW Bush has been out of office almost two years and tomorrow night the invader of Iraq will throw out the first pitch of the 4th game of the World Series.

Fucking wanker will probably receive a Standing O from his fellow Texans, however I plan to throw my flipflop in the direction of the TV.

A la Al-Zaidi.

Next if no children or women are in the room, I’ll turn around and moon the ex-leader of the USA, then cheered for the San Francisco Giants.

They used to play in New York.

To see the Iraqi journalist throw his shoe, please go to this url

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