Cover Boys of the Taliban

The Taliban is primarily comprised of Pathan warriors. Their tribal territory straddles the Afghani-Pakistani border without official delineation. Kandahar is the de facto Pathan capitol, although their fierce loyalty to clan lineage has defeated any attempt to unify the Pathans. Only a foreign invasion can join the Yousefzai, Shinwari, Mohmands , Muhammedzai , Durrani, Ghori Khel, Khaikai khel, the Ghilzai Pathans, Suliman Khel, Aka Khel, Afridis, Khattaks, Wazir, Mashuds, Turis, Jajis ,Daurs, and Bangash to act as one, for none are willing to call any other man master.

Strangely the Pathans are rumored to be the descendants of a long-lost tribe of Israelites. They are tall and strong and brave, however they have a reputation in Pakistan for denseness thanks to their strict adherence to an honor code, the ‘Pakhtunwali’ which demands vengeance for any slight to family honor, hospitality to anyone seeking it, and sanctuary to all, even an enemy.

Very honorable, however since family pride depends on the virtue of their women, few males have any traffic with the other sex. Love at first sight is nearly impossible with burkas shroud females from head to toe. To alleviate the pressure of their libido Pathan man traditionally find release with young boys. British troops guarding the Khyber Pass often noticed the beautiful traveling wives or zune-e-suffuree accompanying the caravans. Nowadays the truck drivers working the same time-worn route between the Punjab and Kabul are accompanied by young disciples or chelas wearing high heels and make-up forbidden to teenage girls by the Taliban.

During the civil war of the 90s, the Taliban stopped a conflict between two warlords fighting over a boy or haliq. They punished homosexuals by crushing them with a wall. Thye other choices of execution for this offense are burning or being thrown off a cliff.

The righteousness of the Taliban lasted only until they gained power. Kandahar became the San Francisco of Afghanistan and locals joked that birds flying over the city use only one wing, because they have to protect their asshole with the other. Insurgents against the occupying NATO forces travel with their boys too. Obviously the Taliban has the same ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ policy as the Pentagon.

Troops from the UK have been harassed after firefights by preening men in make-up.

“It was hell. Every village we went into we got a group of men wearing make-up coming up, stroking our hair and cheeks and making kissing noises.”

Winning their cock and ass sounds easier than their hearts and minds, for almost 50% of Afghani men have engaged in homosexual sex as opposed to 3-7% of Americans. Due to the country’s isolation AIDS has yet to be a problem. Money is another story,. Young boys aren’t cheap. They want things. Things that cost money. Just like women and only money can get those things.

No jobs. No money. Fight for the Taliban. Get paid.

In the end everything is about sex.

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