Monthly Archives: May 2010

I Love Bonnie


Dennis Hopper, the outlaw actor/director/painter/fiend passed away from this world. His film career spanned decades from the 50s to the 21st Century. EASY RIDER created a genius and universal Studio bankrolled THE LAST MOVIE with a million dollars. Big money in 1970. Hopper was given free rein for his movie and he directed a film […]

Exodus in Reverse

The 1960 film EXODUS portrayed the story of a contraband freighter delivering thousands of illegal Jewish refugees to Palestine. The movie was hailed as a masterpiece and this week two cargo ships are replicating the plot of the film by attempting to break the Israeli blockade on the Gaza Strip. Their holds are loaded with […]

Hell on Earth

Mam has several internet friends. She confides in them. Our story is well-known and their comments help guide her understanding of my mania. Our life is difficult since I have a daughter with someone else. I tell Mam that I am faithful, but no woman believes that a an can be with only one woman. […]

58 and Gaining Ground on a 100

Yesterday I celebrated my 58th Birthday with my nearly 2 year-old son Fenway Smith and his lovely mother Mam Pechdee. The location was the Full Moon Bar on Jomtien Soi 12. Beer beer and more beer. Mam decided to drink a little lo khao daeng or red rice whiskey. The local medicinal alcohol medicine reacted […]