Monthly Archives: May 2010

Bad Road – Phnom Penh to Thai Border

The Cambodian government announced the completion of over 1,082 kilometers of road in the year 2009. The fragile infrastructure improvement came thanks to Chinese and South Korean investments. The road from Phnom Penh to Sihanoukville remains the showpeice for internal travel, however the important connection between Siem reap and the Thailand border is a national […]

I Love Bonnie


Dennis Hopper, the outlaw actor/director/painter/fiend passed away from this world. His film career spanned decades from the 50s to the 21st Century. EASY RIDER created a genius and universal Studio bankrolled THE LAST MOVIE with a million dollars. Big money in 1970. Hopper was given free rein for his movie and he directed a film […]

Exodus in Reverse

The 1960 film EXODUS portrayed the story of a contraband freighter delivering thousands of illegal Jewish refugees to Palestine. The movie was hailed as a masterpiece and this week two cargo ships are replicating the plot of the film by attempting to break the Israeli blockade on the Gaza Strip. Their holds are loaded with […]

Hell on Earth

Mam has several internet friends. She confides in them. Our story is well-known and their comments help guide her understanding of my mania. Our life is difficult since I have a daughter with someone else. I tell Mam that I am faithful, but no woman believes that a an can be with only one woman. […]