Baby Killer Maniacs

Congress acted as one with the two parties voting their separate ways to pass the Health Reform Bill. This legislation was seen as a sell-out by the radical left and the opening of abortion factories by the GOP tea-baggers. Not a single republican cross the aisle during the tally and a Texas congressman responded to a turncoat Democrat’s yea vote with a cry of ‘baby-killer’ despite the fact that the bill contains nothing about federal funds paying for abortion.

‘Baby klller.”

The shout was heard by all present, although the arch-conservative legislator denied accusing the Michigan representative of being a ‘baby killer’.

“It’s a baby killer.” He said was what he shouted in Congress

At least it wasn’t ‘nigger lover’.

The GOP hate this Health Reform Bill for its intrusion into the private freedom of Americans to pay the most money for the unhealthy medical care in the West. They have vowed to fight for the repeal of this measure in the Congress and state legislature.

Anything but socialism.

Because everyone knows know much they hate fat people.

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